Thirsty Thursday Dry January: Faux 75


Feeling the urge to celebrate with a champagne cocktail but keeping away from alcohol for January? We’ve got just the thing from Mixologist Julie Reiner who created this riff on the classic French 75 by removing the gin and replacing the Champagne with a bitter lemon soda. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the […]

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#ThirstyThursday: Cranberry Whiskey Cocktail


We aren’t sure how we made it this far into fall without a whiskey cocktail for ThirstyThursdays. Whiskey is classic fall. Warm, dark, and warming it makes for a perfect evening cocktail accompaniment. And this one is super simple beauty we found through Your Southern Peach (they know whiskey down there)   INGREDIENTS 1 oz. […]

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#ThistyThursday: Pique Tea


Our Thirsty Thursdays are usually a chance to feature a cocktail to help us relax and un unwind from a tough week before the last hurrah of a Friday. But sometimes we like to eschew the alcohol altogether (it’s important to be mindful of our consumption especially as women) because if even though it can […]

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#ThirstyThursday: Caramel Apple Mule


It is officially fall what with the Equinox and all so we feel completely justified in turning to this lovely recipe from Absolut Vodka for #ThirstyThursday that is so fall it is should be classified as “basic fall cocktail” and we mean that in both the sarcastic sense “so basic” sense and the “actually positive […]

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#ThirstyThursday: Pear Sour


We love pears. Especially the crisp just before ripe kind that you can really only get in the fall. This variant on the classic sour is an easy entrant into fall cocktails for those fighting the ThirstyThursday transition into the season.  It’s important to remember with sours to be careful with the egg white but you […]

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