Friday Reads: Moranifesto Caitlin Moran


So we’ve been having a lot of fun with productivity and keeping your mind right through the winter with Friday Reads but we think it is time to let our feminist flag fly. That’s right as a brand focused on helping women live the lives they want (and feel confident and beautiful doing it) we absolutely […]

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Friday Reads: Time Management Secrets for Working Women: Getting Organized to Get the Most Out of Each Day


Ever spend time on a lifehacking blogs? They have a thousand ways to supposedly get things done and keep your sanity. The only problem? All the stuff is written by men. Most time-management systems don’t well, work,  for working women. Why? They don’t understand our specific needs and the wide variety of tasks we find […]

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Friday Reads: A Calm Brain


We’ve been thinking a lot about stress and dealing with uncertainty as of late so our reads have focused on inner strength, sanity, and just how to be a frigging person and now we turn to calm. Today’s pick is A Calm Brain Dr. Gayatri Devi’s thesis in a A Calm Brain is that by tapping into your […]

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Friday Reads: Brené Brown


For January we are all about finding ways to explore how to be ourselves as an extension of our focus on wellbeing.  Think of this Friday Reads segment as a twist on the tired old “resolutions” and more about embracing who we are. So we naturally start with the woman who has the research to […]

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#Friday Reads: Buddha’s Diet


We’ve been reading biographies of great women (written by women authors no less) all fall for #FridayReads but as we ease into the holiday season we are turning our focus to mental, emotional and physical well well being. The shorter days and festive occasions can be a tricky path to walk when balancing our external […]

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