Why Changing Consumer Behavior Is About to Cause Massive Upheaval In The Cosmetics Industry


I’m Julie and I’m the co-founder of Stowaway. We manufacture and retail direct “right-sized” cosmetics. We sell makeup that is half of the size and half of the price. Why? Because 75% of women don’t finish their makeup, not just before it expires, but at all. These new “right-sized” cosmetics are the sizes we should have been […]

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CEW Beauty Insider Asks What Brands Beauty Insiders Are Excited About


CEW is pretty major in the cosmetics industry. Haven’t heard of them?  CEW stands for Cosmetic Executive Women and it is  global community 8,000 members strong that is defining the future of beauty. We are proud members at Stowaway as they are thepre-eminent beauty organization bringing together a passionate group of professionals together – at every stage […]

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