#MakeupHacks: How To Do A Smokey Eye In Your Office Bathroom

So you agreed to a last minute date! We know, panic even if that date is your husband. You are at work, you didn’t put on a full face of makeup and now you have reservations at 7pm and BOY do you have reservations about your look. It’s cool you’ve got this.

Travel Size Eye Makeup

Here’s how to do a quick smokey eye in your office bathroom with our travel-sized Smokey Eye Palette. Which we know you have on hand because it fits into your wallet (size of a credit card and all).

1. Pick Your Colors- You should choose three shades of each color: a lighter color for highlighting your brow and inner eye, a medium base color for your lids, and a dark smoky color for well the smoky bits around your lashline and crease

2. Prepare for Impact: Be sure have your creaseless concealer on hand as it doubles as an easy eyeshadow primer to prep your lids.

3. Lay Down The Law: Apply your medium shade across your entire lid. Apply the lightest shade above your brow bone and to your inner eye corners.

4. Get Dark & Find Your Crease: Starting with a light touch and apply the darkest shade to your lash line. Wherever you place the color first is the darkest so be sure the starting point is in the middle so you can work inwards or outwards on your lashline. Don’t apply the darker shadow too far in towards your inner eye unless you are more experienced. Rather apply it in your “crease” which is where your lid ends and your brow bone begins (some of us have softer creases, others more pronounced) and along your lash line. For a more classic smoky eye, sweep your dark eyeshadow to a point (more of a “<” shape than a “C” shape) towards the end of your eyebrow. The darkest point should remains at the outside corner of your lash line.

5. Feeling Brave? Sweep a little of your dark shadow under your eye onto your lower lid. Again, start at the outside corner and bring it only about halfway in. This will help to balance the darkness out on the top of your eyes.

6. BLEND BABY Blend. Clean your eyeshadow brush by sweeping it quickly back and forth across a tissue or toilet paper (gotta do what you gotta do). Then, use your brush to blend the colors together. Start by blending the lightest colors. Make sure that your medium (lid) color does not have a harsh divide with your dark (crease) color. Gently move your brush in a “C” shape at the meeting of these two colors to help them to form a smooth ombre effect.
Blend the dark crease shadow outwards towards your browbone. It should fade softly into your skin, and should not significantly overlap your highlighter that has been placed under your eyebrows.

Tightline the inner rim of your lash line nearest your tear duct by your nose with a white eyeliner pencil. This will help your eyes to pop, keeping them looking bright even with all the dark smudging above.

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