Makeup Hacks: How To Do Your Brows With An Eye Palette in 5 Easy Steps

If eyes are the window to the soul then eyebrows are the curtains that frames them.  Or at least that what the industry has been saying for a few years when BROWS became a thing. But don’t worry buying a whole new set of products to groom your brows isn’t necessary. Our Essential Eye Palette has shades that are designed for filling in the sparse areas of the brows and our Dawn To Dusk Palette has a great matte brown for brunettes and ladies with deeper hues.  Here’s how you can use the palettes to do a quick brow clean up.

  1.  If you have lighter hair color, choose a brow shade that is a couple of shades darker, and if you have darker hair, choose a brow shade that is a couple of shades lighter.  
  2. Grab the shade with the angled side of the brush, if it makes you more comfortable pack it dense or apply it wet.
  3. Fill in your brows to your natural brow shape, try not to overline for a more natural look.  (We aren’t going for the instagram eyebrow look).  
  4. Want to get fancier? Use a lighter shade for the front of your brows, and blend in a darker shade for the tail of your brow.  
  5. And remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins!  Don’t get frustrated if they are not completely symmetrical.StowawayEssentialEyePalette

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