#MakeupHacks: 3 Ways To Winterize Your Makeup Routine

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.06.42 PMAre you the kind of woman that powders her nose at every chance in the summer and loves a matte lip? Well, in the dead of winter you might need to reconsider your routine to feel and look your best. And it isn’t just about keeping hydrated. You need to consider what short dark days and long nights do to the look of your skin too. Bright fluorescents and extended blue twilights can do a number on your “you but better” look. But don’t worry we have you covered at Stowaway

  1. Switch Powders to Creams: We get it as we love our Translucent Powder and think that nothing is better than our Peach Powder Blush but this winter consider going with more hydrating options for coverage and color like BB Creams and Lip and Cheek Rouges.
  2. Choose Colors Carefully: Make sure to use concealer and foundation that match your actual skin tone as chances are you are a little more pale in the winter. And might we suggest if you go in for more advanced makeup that you ease up on color correcting tips? That green stick for hiding red spots is going to be no help when you go outside and find yourself red all over.  The same goes for glopping on peach under purple dark circles. It might look nice in natural or home light, but the effect under bright fluorescents in the twilight is going to be off. . Simply keep a clean palette for your skin and then choose colors brighten and soften whether that is a warm pink or even a cream illuminator.
  3.  Keep Your Lips Hydrated: Matte your favorite look? Might we suggest you look it for next season. You should stick to cream lipsticks or hydrating glosses. Longwear lipsticks (the 24 hour you can’t remove it kind) or the very on trend hyper-matte lip will leave you reaching for a tub of paw-paw cream at the end of the day in the winter. Skip the look till spring.

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