#MakeupHacks: 5 Tips For A Last Minute Televsion Appearance

Got a call from a TV station to go on air? Provide on opinion? Be a special guest? We love it! Professional baller women taking on the world and sharing their thoughts are our jam. But not every station has a makeup artist on hand. But don’t worry we have a few tips on how to handle your look under the bright television station lights. 

  1. Looking Fresh But Not Under The Lights: So yes you will be under bright lights. But television has good lighting that isn’t  harsh . So you don’t necessarily need a super heavy hand when going on TV. But you will want to apply some HD powder to keep things matte. (our BB cream has silica in it to help mattify). Television lights increase shine something fierce! Our Translucent Powder is the perfect thing to keep in your purse just in case. Why use a translucent powder? Because it’s easier than easier to see pigments and heavy coverage but a translucent powder will mattify without showing up as color or layering.
  2. Keep ‘A Normal” Look By Bumping Color Up Up: You know how they camera adds 5 pounds? Well it also makes you look washed out. And we say sick in that annoying way men ask if you aren’t feeling well if you decide to not wear makeup one day. Except you are wearing makeup in this instance. The trick is it needs to be bright enough. Don’t panic,  just use the same products you do normally (you want to feel comfortable after all) and pump it up a little. Just make sure to blend. Because colors tend to wash out under the camera try using two shades of blush (one natural and one poppier like cantaloupe) on the apple of your cheeks. The paler you are the worse the more pronounced this will be so add color accordingly. And of course cover those blemishes with something well pigmented.
  3. Pick Where To Focus Attention: Pick your lips or your eyes but not both. There is a reason you often see TV anchors with very bold eyes that command attention (sometimes even bordering on smokey eye territory and multiple coats of mascara). Lips are hard for eye catching shades like red as well it will catch the eye,  so go for a “your lips but better” shade like our Fig or Muted Plum and consider putting a gloss on it like Rosewood. Allure recommends this approach
  4. Avoid Shimmer Shades: We love that end of the eyeshadow palette too but stick with nice matte shades that add dimension. If you need to contour in your eye pick matte shades that are lighter for lid and brow bone and go a little darker than normal for your crease. And if you tend to wear a highlighter this is a good day to forgo it. Use a bit more bronzer instead if you really love your contouring
  5. Blend Blend. Blend Some More: We cannot stress this enough. Any lines will show up on television and the goal with HD is to look as natural and flawless as possible (which means a lot of makeup extremely well blended in). Our Kabuki Brush is your friend here. Blend down your neckline, blend your blush well (but still keep it bright, just blend it “in” well), blend up to your hairline. Just blend.


Epic “Normal Family Watching TV” Stock Image via Science Daily. 

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