#MakeupHacks: What The Heck Is A Crease And Why Do We Care?

What is a crease and why should you care? Well, ff you follow along on beauty blogs you might have heard of a cut crease. If you don’t (then you are lucky) then you have no idea what we are talking about. But understanding the uniqueness of your own eye and it’s shape can be a huge advantage in learning to quickly and easily apply eye makeup like professional without any anxiety. And the crease is crucial to applying eyeshadow quickly and beautifully.

Most of us can can easily pinpoint the lid of our eyes. From there it’s easy to pinpoint your crease, it falls below the socket bone of your eye right above your eyeball. Above the crease you have your brow bone and then generally a bit of space above it before your brows. In the below image you can see two smokey eye looks that make use of the crease to create depth and dimension in the eye. It is the middle color between the lid color and the highlighting color below the eyebrows.


We’ve talked about reading an eye palette before and how it knowing some basics can help you do a look simply and quickly.  A basic application is a 3 step process: a base layer, a highlighter & a contour shade. The crease color is your contour shade.

For some women that want a very bold look they the crease area can be as thick as you choose going over and above your natural crease area including encompassing the browbone area depending on the desired effect. In many many cut-crease looks favored by beauty bloggers the crease color extends high onto the browbone area. For us this is a little much so we generally say keep the crease color concentrated in a tight area where your natural crease lands.

For simple looks the crease color is usually concentrated in the outer area and gradually fades as you get closer to the inner part of the eye. The color also tends to be a darker color than the lid color to add dimension to the look.For this area a matte shade will add depth to the crease while shimmery shade will reflect light. The crease color is usually darker and coordinates with the color on your lid.  Why? Because most people want to accentuate the crease to make their eyes look wider and more open. But if you have a pronounced and deep set crease you might want to consider going lighter. But of course your choice of color for the crease depends on the effect you desire and  your skintone. The great thing is you can do almost endless looks with our Essential Eye Palette. 

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