#MakeupHacks: 5 Simple Tips To Transition To Fall Makeup

Ahh fall! The air is crisper, the days are shorter, the intentions to go apple picking gets more serious (not very serious to be clear as year we say we are going to do it in a decade we’ve yet to actually visit an orchard) and we start thinking about how maybe we should try out that new berry lipstick shade we’ve been eye-ing. With a change of seasons at hand now is the perfect time to toss expired products, explore some new colors and assess if your routine is still working for you.


  1. Bump Your Complexion Shade Down: Even if you’ve been wearing your SPF (and we know you have been diligent right?) most of us pick up a little more color in the summer. But you would be surprised how fast a summer tan can wear off. A suntan begins to fade within seven to 14 days. Skin cells normally shed every two weeks and as they are shed, so is the pigment of the tanned skin with it. That means the complexion shade that worked in July will not work in October as you are getting less sun exposure. Most water, oil or gel based complexion products like foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturizers have use by dates of 12 months.  That means you bought it in the summer chances are by the time your tan comes back around it will have expired. So consider tossing your leftovers and starting fresh with something you will finish before it expires.
  2. Add In Colors Like Cranberries, Rosewoods & Fawns: If you’ve been loving shades like coral and raspberry there is no need to stop wearing them (we wear cantaloupe and peach year round as they are so flattering) but it does feel easier to experiment with more traditionally autumnal colors with the season. A cranberry lipstick might feel totally off in June but be just the thing for a cocktail in November (also in cocktails in November for that matter). We’ve put together a curated 5 piece fall set for the woman who wants a capsule collection of favorite fall shades
  3. Toss Your Summer Mascara & Eyeliner: If you bought it before Memorial Day toss it. We know it’s painful and possibly expensive (we know it sucks) but it’s even more critical that you get rid of eye products that spent the warmer months in your purse, weekender and travel bags. Mascara & eyeliner expire after 3 months but once you add in the heat & humidity of summer you know it’s time to get new ones. Thankfully we’ve got you covered with a new set mascara & eyeliner set for $20.
  4. Assess Your Skin: Many women find their skin texture & tone changes with the season. After making sure you are doing all the right stuff like drinking plenty of water, checking your skincare routine (exfoliate regularly, up your moisture game if needed) start thinking about your makeup mix. The warm months can often mean more sweating, oily sebaceous glands and a desire for products that are more matte. But the translucent powder that makes so much sense in July might feel too drying in November. As the months grow colder your skin may get drier. Creamier formulations like our lip and cheek rouge and our creme lipstick can help keep your skin looking dewey.  Finding you complexion a little sallow? Considering something to boost radiance like an illuminator
  5. Experiment With Eyes- Deep dark smoky eyes can be almost impossible in the summer (and look a little silly sometimes too when light and easy is the mood) but nothing is more gorgeous than a dark smokey eye. You can easily take your look from workday appropriate to more sultry evening looks in the fall. And we promise it isn’t too hard to apply eyeliner (here is a guide for beginners) and use shimmer & matte tones in our essential eye palette to create something fast and simple no matter your skill level. 

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