Simple Smokey Eyes: Warm Day


Don’t want to do a full on smokey eye but still want that polished look that comes with a little bit of darker color in your crease? Meet the look we call warm day that is easy to create with our compact credit card sized Smokey Eye Palette. We love it because it is office appropriate and simple to dark and deepen for evening without missing a beat.

  1. Take the fluffy side of the brush and grab S3 which is a warm but deeper shimmering silver (yes that exists) and swipe just one or two coats onto your lid.
  2. Then turn the brush over and add matte S2 which like to think of as a concrete to your crease (the deepened area where your eyes curve in towards your eye socket and curve up towards the brow bone).
  3. Take our lightest matte shade S1 and apply to the inner corners of your eye and on your brow bone

Snag our credit card sized Smokey Eye Palette hear and learn more looks that are simple to create here. 

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