Simple Smokey Eyes: Silver Surfer


Want to try a twist on a smokey eye? Try gray! It is less intense but still gives you that “look at my eyes” impact that is a little more user friendly.  We love this look as a little shimmer on your lid is a beautiful brightener while a matte crease adds that sultry depth.

  1. With the fluffy side of the brush apply S7 to your lid. It is a dark impactful deep silver pigment so layer it on lightly and build to taste.
  2. Turn over the fluffy brush and apply S6 a matte concrete to your crease (the deepened area where your eyes curve in towards your eye socket and curve up towards the brow bone). Blend down to your lash line or up to your brow bone to taste for intensity. A little in the crease adds depth, going all the way up and down adds drama.
  3. Wipe the fluffy brush on a tissue to remove pigment and then grab S5 which is a shimmer light silver and apply to your inner eye area and on your brow bone below your eye brows.

Snag the palette here and check out more tutorials on how to use this credit card sized palette for endless looks for long and sultry nights.

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