Simple Smokey Eyes: Blue Into Black


We love blue for smokey eyes. It brightens the whites of your eyes and is a chic twist on the classic. But for those that love a dark black crease and lash line nothing beats true black as the classic. So we decided to mix the two using our right-sized Smokey Eye Palette for a look that leaves plenty of room for error (applying in the bathroom at the office before a date for instance) while still giving you a smokey eye that is stylish and different.

  1. This is a bold look so with one side of the fluffy blush line your lid with blue
  2. Then take the curved straight side and grab black pigment (wet or dry) and line your lid.
  3. Take some of that pigment and brush it up into your crease. Add more black to taste
  4. Turn over the fluffy brush and use the light shade 1 matte yogurt to brighten your inner eye and brow bone

Snag the palette here and check out more tutorials on how to use this credit card sized palette for endless looks for long and sultry nights.

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