Simple Smokey Eyes: Dark Night


Last┬áminute dinner plans crop up and you have no time to re-do your look? No problem! Do a quick smokey eye at your desk or in the car (just don’t drive!). We call this look Dark Night because you can┬áBruce Wayne to Batman in ummm no time. Wait, do we even know how long it takes to get into that Batman suit? This is a terrible comparison! Anyway, comics aside keeping our Smokey Eye Palette handy lets you head to that date or dinner with a more sultry vibe in three easy steps.

  1. Apply Shade 2 to your lid or as we like to call it cool concrete which is a lovely matte
  2. Take the angled edge of the brush and apply the Shade 8 (the black) along your lash line. At the outer edge of your eyes sweep it up into the crease and blend.
  3. Anywhere it feels too dark take our Shade 1 to lighten and highlight.

If anything feels off just blend until you are comfortable with the final result.

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