Simple Smokey Eyes: Blue Monday


Feeling blue on a Monday? Wear a little blue! Our Smokey Eye Palette can offer up just a hint of deep royal blue in this look we call Blue Monday. The super simple matte look takes no time at all and is appropriate for day or night depending how you layer the the intensity of the blue.

  1. First sweep Shade 2 a beautiful concrete neutral on your lid.
  2. Then put Shade 1 (we jokingly call it “yogurt”) a light white/beige matte as highlighter below the brow bone.
  3. Apply the blue into your crease (that’s where your eyeball meets your socket, we know it sounds weird).
  4. Blend blend blend!
  5. If you are so inclined wet the edged portion of the brush and use the blue as an eyeliner. It will make the whites of your eyes look even whiter!

Snag the palette here and check out more tutorials on how to use this credit card sized palette for endless looks for long and sultry nights.

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