Why “All Dressed Up and Nothing To Drink” Loves Stowaway

Are a busy mom? Are you stylish? Do you think these two things are completely compatible. So does Cheryl the stylish working mom behind All Dressed Up and Nothing To Drink. She had a dilemma

This spring, I went on a couple’s vacation to Mexico. Adults only, no kids. A true vacation. I was packed and ready to go, and realized that I couldn’t even lift my suitcase. No, not because of all the fabulous outfits that I packed or the 5 pair of shoes that I HAD to bring, but because of my makeup kit! I was carrying around this brick of a palette and full size products of everything else. I bet my kit made up 25% of the weight of my suitcase. Ridiculous. I knew there had to be a better solution.

StowawayKitMakeupReviewHer better solution? Stowaway Cosmetics!

I read up on the concept and WHY they started the company. It wasn’t actually meant solely for travel- they make “right-sized” cosmetics that are meant to be used before they expire.

So she took us on a business trip (that she took with her lovely son no less) and test drove what it feels like to lighten your load. Read the whole post but spoiler alert she felt beautiful and had less to carry calling Stowaway the best makeup for travel.

Plus because she was traveling with her son she had this amazing comparison we never even thought about! Stowaway’s right sized travel optimized eye palette is the size of a baseball card. So cute right?



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