You Really Like Us: Erika Warnick Likes That We Last A Long Time

One of the questions we often get is “how long will Stowaway’s products last?” or “will this be enough if I wear makeup everyday?” Which are great questions! Our customer Erika is here to assure you that yes you will┬áplenty of use out of them. In fact, you will use them all up (that means money saved!) in the time allotted. Which for products like lipstick is is actually up to two years before they expire. The mascaras & eyeliners on the other hand you want to use those up in 3-4 months (which you will without waste we promise!).

The products are lovely, and they last a long time. They are reasonably priced and the colors are beautiful. I love the products and have already shared the Facebook page with others.


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