Friday Reads: Moranifesto Caitlin Moran

moranifestoSo we’ve been having a lot of fun with productivity and keeping your mind right through the winter with Friday Reads but we think it is time to let our feminist flag fly. That’s right as a brand focused on helping women live the lives they want (and feel confident and beautiful doing it) we absolutely consider Stowaway a feminist company. It’s cool if you want to talk to us about (email us [email protected] and we can chat) it but we are firmly behind the idea that men and women deserve equal treatment under the law and we often don’t get it.

So we want to focus the next few months on books that remind us that we have value, that inspire us, and help us remember that the double standards we face are not of our own making. So we start with our favorite feminist writer Caitlin Moran. Mostly because we like funny women.

Her Moranifesto is collection of Caitlin Moran’s award-winning London Times columns. Since as Americans it is quite likely we’ve missed a few. And she is gut hurts from laughing levels of funny. And her writing isn’t just about rich, privileged white women (America’s largest feminist critique now if you talk about 4th wave work which is more inclusive, also again feel free to email us if you want to get up to speed). The collection includes pieces poverty, the media, and class, and how much more on socially engaged we’ve become as a society.

“If you’re a working class woman, then you can’t afford to be pessimistic about the future because you are going to be on the front line if it all goes wrong,” she said.


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