Friday Reads: Time Management Secrets for Working Women: Getting Organized to Get the Most Out of Each Day

timemanagementworkingwomenEver spend time on a lifehacking blogs? They have a thousand ways to supposedly get things done and keep your sanity. The only problem? All the stuff is written by men.

Most time-management systems don’t well, work,  for working women. Why? They don’t understand our specific needs and the wide variety of tasks we find ourselves facing each day. We deal with more crap that has to get done than the average men in the first hour of our day than they do in the entire day (think hair, makeup and appropriate shoes to the best bag to deal with all our appointments and obligations and no these are not optional sorry guys). So in the spirit of staying sane, keeping calm and not going absolutely nuts we turn to  Ruth Klein has been coaching working women for years on how to manage their time, and she has a few solid for today’s working women.

Time Management Secrets for Working Women is all about making the most effective use of your time, so you can succeed in the workplace and get organized beyond your wildest dreams without ignoring the fact that we deal with a different set of criteria than men do. There is no double standard here. Just solid tips on getting stuff done as a woman.



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