Travel Tuesday Winter In The South: Atlanta Georgia

We’ve been keeping our travels warm (or at least warmer) by sticking to Southern destinations for Travel Tuesday this winter. We’ve suggested big towns like Nashville and hidden gems like Oxford Mississippi. Today we are headed to Atlanta. But we decided to keep our focus on a smaller neighborhood as it is easy to get overwhelmed in a city that boasts everything from a vibrant food, music, art and cultural scene to world class technical and research operations. It even has a hit TV show that everyone is obsessed with right now about the town’s music scene produced by Donald Glover. You couldn’t possible do the entire town in a weekend (the Coca Cola Museum, CNN headquarters, all of that food) so we thought let’s just pick a neighborhood.

LittleFivePointsAtlantaWe are headed to Little Five Points which Forbes names one of its top “hipster” neighborhoods in America. Yeah, they have lists about that. Thrillist agrees it is the Brooklyn of Atlanta (as that is apparently shorthand for hipster now). Why did we pick it well it’s super manageable and fun with cool spots like a favorite comic book slash record shops  (so hipster) and dive bars with fancy names like Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. You can catch live music at Aisle 5 (formerly The Five Spot The Vortex is usually rated as the top burger in the city (though don’t get freaked out that the entrance is shaped like a skull).

Y800px-Trust_Your_Struggleou can find major hits on the neighborhood’s website (so many clothing shops). And it is also super walkable which credits for its diversity as the neighborhood has purple-haired musicians to octogenarian beer lovers. Little Five Points is also home to many of the city’s amazing murals so make sure to do a walk around to see them. We are partial to “trust your struggle”

Where to stay? You can pick another neighborhood and go with a cool boutique hotel. 

The Highland Inn is the closest spot to the neighborhood and pretty quaint


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