#MakeupHacks: The 2 Minute Smokey Eye

The smokey eye! Probably more ink (or whatever the digital equivalent is these days) has been spilled in women’s magazines on the topic of an easy smokey eye than the search for the perfect red (spoiler alert: find one balanced between red & orange). Because a smokey eye can mean different things to different people. But say you’ve got 2 minutes till a drinks thing, a Q-Tip sized eyeliner at your disposal and some mascara. What does THAT smokey eye look like. Most smokey eyes call for a lot of eyeshadow (on the lid, in the crease, blended up, blended out) but not this look. You don’t have time for that.

  1. Apply Jet Eyeliner on your lower lid (not the water line, just beneath it) all the way to your inner tear duct.  Let it set.
  2. Pulling gently on your upper lid, apply liner in smooth sweeping motions (we like to do two longer ones but short ones work too) as tightly to your lash line as possible.
  3. Before it sets (you have about 30 seconds) pick a spot where you want the line to be thickest (we recommend thinner at the inner eye and thicker at the outer) and apply another coat.
  4. Using your ring finger smudge the second less tight to your lash line up and out into your crease till you get a smudgy effortless look. Add more liner if you want a bolder look & continue to smudge up to your crease. You can even apply the black liner in your crease mid eye and smudge that down to your your outer lash
  5. Use concealer to clean up under your eyes or areas on your lid you want to lighten up.
  6. Remember the point is not to be perfect but to look sultry so don’t sweat it. Pair with a nude lip and roll out


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