Friday Reads: 20 Little Ways To Keep Calm and Carry On

KeepCalmBookThe catch phrase of a thousand Instagrams “keep calm and carry on” actually got its start as a British war propaganda poster during World War II. But as the many motivational posts we see everyday attest, attaining that calm that keeps us going is more elusive. exactly how to keep calm remains a difficult question for most of us.

Naturally when we found a pink covered book promising to help alleviate life’s challenges with 20 short but powerful lessons on anxiety-reducing techniques we said “sign this basic b*tch up” as it promises to help you move past stressful moments with grace (not a quality we associate with pepto bismol colored self help books but we will let that one slide) but Mark A. Reinecke, PhD has some solid creds and the reviews gave it the “no frills thumbs up” so if you are looking to well, get on with it, and have a laugh at yourself by carrying a pink book we say go for it! That’s probably a good way to relieve anxiety come to think of it



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