Thirsty Thursday Feb-BREW-uary: Oregon’s Craft Beers

OregonBrewFestFor February’s Thirsty Thursday Theme we’ve had beer on the mind because well we like a pun and Feb-BREW-uary is hilarious right? So who has the most breweries in America? Apparently the numbers don’t lie. Oregon has more craft breweries than any other state.  Well OK, no other states may have more craft breweries per capita. That’s still really impressive.

Accordingly to Thrillist,  Oregon’s long been at the forefront of the craft industry, with brewers like Widmer Brothers, Rogue, Full Sail, and Deschutes. The Thrillist boys say that breweries like those are the OGs of what might be the epicenter of the craft beer movement. Oregon is now home to more than 185 brewing companies operating more than 226 facilities in 71 cities. Yeah, that is a lot of beer from hailing from the Oregon Cost and Portland to Willamette Valley and  the rural farmlands of central and Eastern Oregon

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