Travel Tuesday Winter In The South: Norfolk Virginia

We’ve been traveling to warmer climes this winter for our Travel Tuesday series with a focus on Winter in the South. We’ve gone everywhere from Mississippi to Alabama but today we make a trip to Virginia. Specifically a stop in Norfolk. 

If you have family in the armed services chances are you might have made a trip or to to the city as it is a hub for America’s military and defense – including the world’s largest naval base, Joint Forces Staff College, US Army Corps of Engineers, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) headquarters, and SACLANT (Supreme Allied Command Atlantic) headquarters. That’s a lot of intelligent folks working to protect not only America but our allies in Europe too.  So why not take a trip to show some patriotism, take in some sites and eat some BBQ in this cosmopolitan Southern city steeped in maritime tradition. 


The town has some very impressive civic art installations including NEON (New Energy of Norfolk) district which is basically your next 5 instagrams with rainbow-hued wall murals. Obviously to get your historical fix, you should take a day to explore the Ghent and Freemason Districts (bonus it has indie boutique shopping, too), then walk some or all of the Cannonball Trail for a 400-year look at the city’s history. 

Hungry? Doumar’s Barbecue is famous for with minced pork sandwiches and milkshake. Want a local delicacy? Hit Freemason Abbey for the crab soup, one of Norfolk’s specialties. There are also two well loved in-town breweries Coelacanth and Smartmouth or if wine is your thing Mermaid Winery which is the state’s first urban winery.

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