Our Favorite Reds for Valentine’s Day

Ah tis the season of love! And nothing says romance like red.  We’ve always been a fan of versatile reds that fall right in the middle of the range as if you are nervous to try something bolder it is best to stick to something that isn’t too orange or too blue. Go for the universally flattering! That why no matter how advanced or new to makeup you might be you will be happy with your look.  Here are the three reds we think you should try for Valentine’s Day. And the best part? You can carry all three of them in a clutch just in case a last minute date comes up.

  • Scarlet Lipstick: This balanced red looks gorgeous on anyone. Seriously take a look at it on these five different women and tell us it isn’t a winner that anyone can wear no matter how scared you are of a bold lip. Plus its small size means you don’t have to plan for a red lip moment. You can be spontaneous.
  • Burnt Rose Lip and Cheek Rouge: One-third the size of an average blush, our pot rouge makes touch-ups in tiny spaces a breeze. This smooth formula softens into a cream at body temperature, giving you buildable color with a silky, matte finish. Our Burnt Rose is popular for a natural lit from within glow. Be sparing. Just a dab or two on your fingers gives you a warm glow on cheek or lip. 
  • Rosewood Lip Gloss: Like a gloss? Our index finger sized lipgloss one has plenty of pigment and is a more neutral red that veers just this side of brown for a “your lip but better” look that is still a romantic red.



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