Makeup Hacks: Eyes or Lips for Valentine’s Day?

The great debate for romantic makeup always comes down to the focus on lips or eyes. A scarlet lipstick is a classic romantic style while a smokey eye makes any evening smulder. But which look to pick? Do you want to catch your love’s eyes with yours or have them thinking about kissing you? We could go on and on with this debate and believe us it is a staple of the beauty industrial complex. Because if there has ever been a truism it is that if you go for a bold lip keep the eye minimal and if you go for a major eye look keep your lips neutral. Though hey if you want to go all out that’s your call (and your face!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.12.59 PM

We tend to fall on the side of play up your eyes for romantic nights because if your night really is getting hot then what’s the point of a perfectly done up lip when you are going in for a kiss right? We say pick up an eyeliner, smudge it up a bit, and pump up the volume on your lashes and call it a night.  Keep it undone by drawing our jet liner on your lid line and using your finger to smudge it up and out before it sets. You can line the bottom of your eyes as well (avoid doing a full circle as it can feel really strong and might make you feel uncomfortable). Then try a few colors from one of our eye palettes like a neutral on the lid, a darker color in your crease and go for two or three coats of mascara. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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