Travel Tuesday Winter In The South: Oxford Mississippi

Our Travel Tuesday continues our exploration of the South as we yearn for warmer climates and genteel company. Huffington Post alerted us to 11 Southern Towns You Are Forgetting But Shouldn’t and reminded us of Faulkner’s home town. Rumour has it he  once refused a dinner invitation from President Kennedy’s White House. “Why that’s a hundred miles away,” Faulkner explained. “That’s a long way to go just to eat.”  Dining with presidents aside, that’s a pretty good endorsement of how fine a town Oxford is to both residents and visitors.

There’s still a strong literary scene here but of course let us not forget (off season though it may be) that Ole Miss football — the campus still has a speed limit of 18mph to honor favorite son Archie Manning’s one-time jersey number (though recently the campus changed the speed limit on Manning Way to 10mph to honor Archie’s son, Eli, and his second Super Bowl win.) Much as we love football (and we do love Eli as our CEO is from Colorado) let’s get back to the history of the town.

You can visit Faulkner’s grave as well as explore the rich cultural and not always pleasant (but important to revisit and remember) portion’s of our nation’s history.  Because if Faulkner taught us anything he reminds us not pre-judge the fiercely intelligent people often dwell behind the façades of good old boys and simpletons. Which seems more important than ever these days.  Check excellent bed and breakfast options here and enjoy the journey!  Need a meal? You absolutely need to visit SnackBar they’ve married French Bistro with North Mississippi Cafe resulting in the Bubba Brasserie cuisine.


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