Friday Reads: Staying Sane in An Insane World

For January we were all about finding ways to explore how to be ourselves as an extension of our focus on wellbeing for Friday Reads. And we have decided to stay on that track of February as the world promises to get even nuttier! So we decided to go googling around for “how to stay sane” and turned up some pretty solid reading in the form of Sophia Stuart’s How To Stay Sane In An Insane World.  We don’t even care if it looks like we are going into well trod lady self help book direction (and we are totally cool with cats and candles if anyone asks, also Cathy Comics are due for an ironic come back if you ask us) because frankly the book is full of practical ideals and shopping lists. And right about now we could all just use instructions on how to chill out. Her journey is very personal which makes it all the more readable and relatable (plus we don’t want to end up in the hospital like she did!)

sophiastuartcrazy “Who but Sophia Stuart, creator of the delightful, could make ‘taking to one’s bed’ seem like a victory instead of defeat? In her lovely book of hours, she weaves together wisdom and witticisms, slowly convincing you that you have been chasing all the wrong things in this mad, mad world. Fortunately, she instantly provides the antidote: cashmere blankets, a pot of tea, and a gentle, encouraging nudge that tells you to open your eyes and see the world anew. A necessary book. And an irresistible one, too.”—Stacy Morrison, author of Falling Apart in One Piece and former editor in chief of Redbook magazine

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