Travel Tuesday Winter In The South: Charleston

Stowaway’s team is based in New York so we have some chilly winters to cope with as we are often visited by snow, sleet and blustery weather. So for the winter we thought let’s go south (be geese!) and dub our Travel Tuesday theme “Winter in The South” to help us enjoy some escapism and help you pick a weekend getaway. Our first destination? Charleston South Carolina.

For us it is an easy two hour flight but it is relatively accessible up and down the East coast. Sorry West coasters for the longer flight. There is so much to enjoy and love about Charleston we don’t even know where to begin.

Thrillist mentions a bacon happy hour at The Macintosh which has a rotating pork acclaimed by the James Beard Foundation. They also  make mention of  Two Boroughs Larder Butcher & Bee, High Wire Distilling, a craft distillery that turns out its own vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin.

Not up for that much food? Their visitor’s guide has all the details you might need whether you want a family vacation or a more hipster hangouts (yes seriously someone made a hipster’s guide) We personally think this magnolia tour is a winner. And the average temperature is a very reasonable 60. So we say just hop a flight and go! We recommend taking your favorite Stowaway colors that are bright and pretty. A Steele Magnolia would definitely approve of our Peony.


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