Friday Reads: Brené Brown

brene-cc-880x1320For January we are all about finding ways to explore how to be ourselves as an extension of our focus on wellbeing.  Think of this Friday Reads segment as a twist on the tired old “resolutions” and more about embracing who we are. So we naturally start with the woman who has the research to back up the power of being yourself. We love Brené Brown.  When we think about how we want to improve our lives so often we get caught in traps about strength and being “better” but Brown’s area of study is vulnerability. And she sees it not as not a weakness but as the source of strength in all of us.

The idea that we have to hide parts of ourselves or feel shame isn’t relevant or helpful according to Brown’s studies. Being strong, never showing weakness, never letting them see you sweat and all of those platitudes are things of a past age. She has the research to back that up. She gets to the heart of courage and wholeheartedness in all of her work. If you ever feel like you close down, feel neglected or misunderstood, try searching for vulnerability and you just might find yourself.  We can’t pick just one of her books as they are ALL amazing. So grab what grabs you. If you haven’t already seen it watch her Ted talk here. 

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