#Friday Reads: Buddha’s Diet

We’ve been reading biographies of great women (written by women authors no less) all fall for #FridayReads but as we ease into the holiday season we are turning our focus to mental, emotional and physical well well being. The shorter days and festive occasions can be a tricky path to walk when balancing our external obligations to work and others with our own obligation to care for ourselves. So for the next two months we will be reading books that help us retain our inner calm as we explore the season of light, love and yes chaos.

This week we are reading Buddha’s Diet. With the latest crash diet, workout crazes, and meditation apps all vying for our attention it can feel like we’re just one click away from the latest feel-good solution to feeling our best in our own bodies. But what if the key to a healthier mind and body lurks before the common era? That’s the premise behind what we can best describe as a book about finding our own guardrails and inner balance masquerading as a very well researched nutrition book. Buddha’s Diet: The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind. I know, I know what you are thinking, a diet book before the holidays? Are we trying to stress you out. Actually quite the opposite.

Penned by Silicon Valley health and wellness writer Tara Cottrell and Silicon Valley Tech Executive ,and no we aren’t kidding, Buddhist Priest Dan Zigmond, offers a realistic and achievable roadmap to physical and emotional Zen. Centered around the “middle way” between obsessive restrictions and mindless free-for-all, this diet reaches far beyond weight-loss. Because Buddha wouldn’t be content with us shedding a few pounds—he wanted us to shed greed, hate, and delusion, too. And that is a perfect read for the coming season of light and love.


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