#MakeupHacks: How To Use Our Dawn To Dusk Eye Palette

So you might be thinking hold up there team Stowaway I JUST got used to the idea of incorporating eye makeup into my routine and am slowly getting the hang of this “reading an eye palette” stuff. Now you want me to figure out rose golds and royal blue? We know, it sounds a little scary but we promise these are so easy to use & flattering you will fall in love instantly.

We’ve talked about reading an eye palette before and how it knowing some basics can help you do a look simply and quickly.  A basic application is a 3 step process: a base layer on your lid, a highlighter color on areas you want to bring forward and brighten like your brow bone or inner eyes & a contour shade for areas you want to push back and add dimensions like your crease.


Our Dawn to Dusk palette is going to be your near favorite! The top shade is a creamy matte yogurt like color that brightens lids and brow bones while just one in is a gorgeous satin with a hint of shimmer shade that can go all over. From there you can create cool looks using the first two silver bottom shades along with the blue that is somewhere between royal blue and navy. If you love warmer looks the deep matte brown and the bronze and golden tones flatter anyone. Keep coming back to the blog for more tutorials on on our Dawn to Dusk palette. And if you already have our Essential Eye Palette make sure to read up on our entire essential eyes series to discover more ways you can easily incorporate eyeshadow into your life (and handy in your purse).

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