#ThistyThursday: Pique Tea

Our Thirsty Thursdays are usually a chance to feature a cocktail to help us relax and un unwind from a tough week before the last hurrah of a Friday. But sometimes we like to eschew the alcohol altogether (it’s important to be mindful of our consumption especially as women) because if even though it can be great to chill with friends and enjoy a nice aperitif knowing how to relax is a skill on its own and should be practiced regularly. We tend to prefer teas when we want to unwind, especially in the colder months. But we don’t always have time to brew things with loose leaf and carrying around a tea bag can be tricky (our CEO Julie loves Celestial Seasonings which doesn’t package theirs individually in bags to cut down on waste) so what is a woman on the go to do?

Meet Pique Tea Crystals. And hear us out because we love this idea, they are liberating tea lovers from the inconvenience of tea bags and strainers.  Pique Tea Crystals completely dissolve in water and offer a hassle-free way to enjoy a delicious cup of tea in an instant, without compromising flavor or nutrients.


After years collaborating with tea farmers, tea masters and tea lovers, Pique Tea developed a way to turn organic loose-leaf tea into Tea Crystals. Blended, brewed and crystallized by renowned tea master, Roy Fong, Pique Tea Crystals use organic whole leaves sourced directly from trusted tea farms at their peak of freshness. Available in convenient single serve sachets, Pique Tea Crystals provide the delicious flavor and rich nutrients of exceptional loose-leaf tea without any artificial flavorings, preservatives or sugar. And you know we like to keep things save and free of weird stuff right.  We like their green tea a lot but we suggest grabbing a variety pack so you can try the black tea and of course English Breakfast. Now of course if you MUST make it a Thirsty Thursday with a kick feel free to throw in some whiskey (think of it as a Hot Toddy on the go if you are on an airplane and don’t have cider)

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