Well if Ann Perkins Loves Our Scarlet Lipstick

celebrityfansstowawaycosmeticsrashidajonesAnyone else a HUGE fan of Parks and Recreation?

Lesley Knope is our spirit animal (if we were more organized) but Ann Perkins always stole our heart as the brilliant beautiful “name random animal at the tip of Lesley’s tongue” best friend Ann Perkins.

So when we found out that Rashida Jones was wearing Stowaway’s scarlet lipstick in a gorgeous everyday but still red carpet beauty look by celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg it is possible we might have let out a little OMG YESSSSSS. That’s right Rashida Jones looking stunning in Stowaway’s Scarlet Lipstick.  We are calm we promise. But seriously we love Jamie Greenberg’s work and her blog is chock full of amazing tips, tutorials and know how. Plus imagine how easy it was to be on the red carpet with a clutch sized lipstick for touch ups. We bet Ann…erm…Rashida felt totally chill.





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