Not Routine: Deb Cavanagh SVP of Marketing At Talbots

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-2-18-45-pmDo you have a super chic friend in your life that somehow always looks pulled together? We don’t know how she does it but Deb Cavanagh the SVP of Marketing at Talbots might just be that woman in our life at Stowaway Cosmetics. She makes it look easy to be stunningly put together! Not only is she a visionary marketing executive  across retail, publishing and advertising but she is also one the kind of woman we all not so secretly aspire to be. A powerful woman in the top echelons of business, an incredible mother and wife and would you believe she used to work with not one but TWO members of the Stowaway team. Yeah that’s right we got to learn from her strengths. And boy is she strong, She has done 1,000 Insanity workouts. Intense right? So when we had a chance to ask her how her #NotRoutine days go we jumped at the chance to get insights from her.

Hardest part of your day?  5PM when I literally run out of gas, but have one more meeting to go!

Best part of your day? 6:30am when I’ve just completed an hour of Max Insanity and feel totally acocomplished & ready to conquor (almost) anything the day holds in store

The one item you without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)  Lipstick (BOY DO WE AGREE!)

What is the most consistent part of your daily routine? Lipstick, Quest Bars

What is the least consistent part of your daily routine? I’m very consistent — hummmm (pretty jealous of that one!)

Morning Person (X) yes
Evening Person

I do my makeup with a couple products first thing in the morning – (X)yes
I touch up as needed throughout the day
I swipe right…I mean just a little lipstick & mascara
Makeup is for special occasions


Insanity (X) Write In and she is SERIOUS
I’m all about that spin class life
Live to run, run to live right?
Namaste, my yoga practice centers me
I’m More into Couch Surfing

I’ve got Seamless/Cavier/Instacart As My Most Used App
I’m Hitting Up The Whole Foods Prepared Foods Section  – (X)YES
Naturally  I Cook Something Simple & Wholesome Every Night
I’m Trying Out This New Place I Read About On Some Food Blog
Everything In My Life Is Prepackaged

I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe I rotate (X) YES
Remember that girl who has one outfit? Yeah, I’m into that
Whatever is clean
I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays


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