Skeptical About Stowaway? So Was Penelope

womanapplyingstowawaycosmeticsLife is overwhelming. With everything women cope with from careers to kids to the occasional bout of everyday sexism it can be utterly exhausting. So considering new things can seem like a real hassle.  We know we find it exhausting. So we were inspired by Penelope Trunk’s thoughts on WHY it is so hard to remain open minded and why people often struggle to understand each other. 

I am always too quick to want to say something is stupid. Because then I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to reorganize how things line up in my brain.It’s exhausting to have to process information that challenges the notions I already have. I am great at coming up with a million points of denial, a million logical arguments for why I do not need to process new information.

Reading this we thought boy oh boy do we recognize this feeling. “I do NOT need to process new information” is exactly how we feel around 6pm everyday when we have to cope with the inevitable what is for dinner question. So it was with this mindset of processing the new and different that made us so proud that Penelope fell in love with Stowaway.

Then Stowaway sent me product. And I love them. The first thing I love is that they sent me five things: blush, lipstick, eye liner, concealer and mascara. Because having little samples that fit nicely everywhere made me realize I don’t need to carry around so much makeup.

I also love that everything is small. Why do I have such huge cases of makeup? I never use them up and they take up too much space. I’m sold on Stowaway. 

While we are so humbled that she fell in love with our brand we are most humbled that she taught us amazing lesson in acceptance and the struggle to accept the new. Thank you Penelope for helping our team remember why we started Stowaway (to take away some of the decisions and exhaustion of our daily life) and why sometimes it is the basics of our daily life that can be the hardest thing to see.

But then I have moments, like when I said no to Stowaway, and I remember how hard it can be to accept a new idea.


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