#NotRoutine: Sara Chipps

sarachippsnewOne of the things that always irks us is when, usually men, complain that we have a pipeline problem in STEM (the fancy acronym for women working in science and technology). We just aren’t training enough women so there are no women so it’s not our fault you never see them at events or panels. Which as it turns out is untrue. Not only are we training plenty of women but we have a ton of them working in an endless array of fields. And one of the heroes helping to show that women can and do stay in the field and bring more women into the fold is Sara Chipps who humorously says in her Twitter bio that she is just a girl, standing in front of a microprocessor, asking it to love her. A javascript developer living in NYC, she founded girldevelopit a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable, judgment-free opportunities for adult women to learn software development. The former CTO of coding school Flatiron School, she is currently the CEO of Jewelbots which she describes as friendship bracelets for the iPhone era which helps young girls learn the basics of coding through the timeless joy of the friendship bracements. As she says pull requests welcomed (that’s a joke for she likes to help you with your code) so we love her because she is just a cool and genuinely nice person. And with all that on her plate you can imagine her life is anything but routine.

Hardest part of your day?

The hardest part of my day is in the morning when I get up. I like to both work out and meditate in the mornings, and it’s a constant struggle between leaving enough time to do both before leaving for the office and hitting the snooze. I need a morning coach that just calls me and reminds me how much better I feel when I have a complete morning.

Best part of your day?
I have a great partner, we are both building companies. At night we both get home and collapse on the couch and talk about our days. It’s really nice to hear his struggles and triumphs and share my own. A close second is the time after we have our team standup when I get to prioritize what I’m going to attack. I get so much energy from meeting with the team, it gets my day off to a great start.

The one item you without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)
I mean, there are things like my phone and laptop which are obvious, however, I think that if I leave the house in an outfit that I’m not comfortable in it really puts a hamper on my day. If I feel self conscious about something I’m wearing my inner introvert takes over and losing that confidence is a deal breaker.

What is the most consistent part of your daily routine?

Breakfast. I’ve really nailed that part of my routine. I either have plain yoghurt with some granola or a poached egg on wasa crackers with spreadable cheese both with coffee.
What is the least consistent part of your daily routine?
My priorities at work change daily. Just when I think I have a handle on what needs to be done something jumps out in front that needs to be handled immediately. I’m focusing on being able to do so with grace and not getting totally hijacked. This is hard.

Morning Person
Evening Person (x)
I do my makeup with a couple products first thing in the morning (x)
I touch up as needed throughout the day
I swipe right…I mean just a little lipstick & mascara
Makeup is for special occasions
I’m all about that spin class life
Live to run, run to live right?
Namaste, my yoga practice centers me (x)
I’m More into Couch Surfing
I’ve got Seamless/Cavier/Instacart As My Most Used App
I’m Hitting Up The Whole Foods Prepared Foods Section
Naturally I Cook Something Simple & Wholesome Every Night
I’m Trying Out This New Place I Read About On Some Food Blog (x)
Everything In My Life Is Prepackaged
I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe I rotate (x)
Remember that girl who has one outfit? Yeah, I’m into that
Whatever is clean
I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays


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