Why Consumers Need More Transparency On Cosmetics Ingredients

Did you know that America hasn’t updated its cosmetics regulations since 1938? And that we only ban 11 ingredients while the EU bans over 1300? Thankfully things are finally changing. The Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee of the Senate held a hearing Thursday morning on the practices and the safety of ingredients currently allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in cosmetics.

testingfdastowawaycosmeticssafeeucompliantAs reported in Yahoo Beauty, the FDA has no authority to review or confirm the safety of ingredients and fragrances in cosmetics before they enter the market — and it has no authority to remove products from the market, even after they’ve been shown to cause harm. Which we think is bad for consumers and companies. We gave our thoughts to Yahoo Beauty on why we think this hearing and more transparency and regulations will be beneficial for both companies and consumers.

Julie Fredrickson is the co-founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics, a cosmetics line launched in 2015 that manufactures its products in accordance with the 1,300 ingredients banned under EU law, as opposed to the mere 11 ingredients presently banned in the U.S. Fredrickson shared with Yahoo Beauty that she was “pleased and relieved” to learn of today’s Senate hearing on cosmetics safety.

“As a businesswoman, I’m often concerned about burdensome regulations and overreach of government,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “Bureaucratic red tape can make it more difficult for smaller brands and independent businesses to thrive, but this is a rare case in which we have an appalling lack of standards that genuinely puts consumers at risk and benefits the large incumbents who take advantage of the opacity of ingredient standards and lack of consumer education to peddle products with dubious ingredient safety.”

Fredrickson adds: “Consumers deserve to know more about the ingredients in their beauty products and which brands and products are safest for their families. Pushing for more transparency will benefit brands and consumers both and make the cosmetics industry more competitive, which is always positive.” 



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