#NotRoutine: Jamie Stelter

jamie-homepage-imageWe took a short break from our #NotRoutine series of interviews about the lives of interesting women for August and are excited to be back for the fall with one of our favorite women. If you are a New Yorker and have a commute (that would be most of the city including the Stowaway team) then there is a strong chance you start your day with Jamie Stelter on New York 1. As the traffic anchor for the most important news channel in the city her Rail and Road Report is critical to keeping us on time. More than once we’ve run out the door without our makeup done because Jamie’s reports got us the details we needed on our delayed trains and helped us avoid being late for work. You could consider her a reports one of the inspirations for Stowaway. Sometimes life gets in the way and you need your essentials with you in your purse amirite? So, how does the woman who keeps New York on time spend her time?

Hardest part of your day?

My 3:24am alarm

Best part of your day?

Flybarre class after work

The one item you without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)

My homemade green shake (I make it each night before bed and  bring it with me to work each morning)

What is the most consistent part of your daily routine?

My traffic reports at :08 and :38 past the hour, every morning rush hour.

What is the least consistent part of your daily routine?

The news cycle that determines my husband’s schedule! (Editor’s note, fun fact husband Brian is also a reporter but his gig at CNN doesn’t impact our daily lives quite as much but we promise we still watch)


Morning Person (X) –Editor’s note we sure hope so!

Evening Person


I do my makeup with a couple products first thing in the morning (X)

I touch up as needed throughout the day

I swipe right…I mean just a little lipstick & mascara

Makeup is for special occasions


I’m all about that spin class life (X)

Live to run, run to live right?


I’m More into Couch Surfing

I’m all about that spin class life


I’ve got Seamless/Cavier/Instacart As My Most Used App

I’m Hitting Up The Whole Foods Prepared Foods Section

Naturally I Cook Something Simple & Wholesome Every Night (X)- Editor’s note check out her TV dinner and post Reliable Sources food instagrams 

I’m Trying Out This New Place I Read About On Some Food Blog

Everything In My Life Is Prepackaged


I have a seasonal capsule wardrobe I rotate

Remember that girl who has one outfit? Yeah, I’m into that

Whatever is clean

I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays (X)

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