InStyle Review’s Stowaway’s Essential Eye Palette

Who doesn’t love InStyle? Well apparently InStyle loves us! Read the review the wrote about our Essential Eye Palette

When I first moved to New York, I had this idea that I should always carry a roomy tote (or really, a bag that resembled a small piece of luggage) so that I could fit in everything I could possibly need. An extra sweater in case it gets cold? Yes. My entire makeup bag in the event that I have an impromptu date? Please.

Well, commuting and walking and smushing myself on the subway taught me that my over-packing and carting around something that could be considered a weekender was not realistic—and it hurt my shoulders. After too much neck and back pain and general discomfort, I’ve since downgraded the size of my handbags, therefore filling them with only what fits inside. A 16-hue palette? Sadly not going to make the cut.There are still days, though, after I’ve been at work and then out and about for 10+ hours when my blotchy eye makeup makes my miss all my tools and break out my sunnies. Out of sight, out of mind, you know?

However, if you have the same sentiments as I do (and you are also a chronic over-packer), you’ll be psyched to know that Stowaway Cosmetics, a brand that specializes in travel-sized beauty products, has launched an Essential Eyeshadow Palette ($25; that is the size of a credit card—I kid you not.



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