#FridayReads: Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford

RadioGirlsNovelWith podcasting more popular than ever (it’s everyone’s favorite commute respite) we thought a turn back in time to podcasting’s precursor, ahem, radio might be a worthwhile read. And in our tradition of women authors here on Friday Reads we are tuning in (couldn’t help the pun) to Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford which brings to life the exciting days of early British radio through one woman who finds her voice while working alongside the women and men of the BBC.

“If the early days of the BBC sound like a recipe for hitting thesnooze button, think again. Sarah-Jane Stratford’s crackerjack historical novel Radio Girls smartly tunes in to the beginnings of Britain’s broadcasting behemoth….Radio Girls is a hit.”–USA Today

The protagonist Maisie discovers her talent, passion, and ambition while unearthing a shocking conspiracy. She joins forces with her fellow host Hilda to make their voices heard both on and off the air (passing the Bechdel test FTW!) …and then face the dangerous consequences of telling the truth for a living (dun dun dun).

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