Friday Reads: Drink by Ann Dowsett Johnston

DrinkAnnWe’ve been pretty focused on fiction over our #FridayReads summer of women writers but we were intrigued by Drink by Ann Dowsett Johnston which is a mix of memoir and non-fiction. Why? Well, even though we are all for a great Thirsty Thursday and plenty of love a nice glass of wine with dinner (or just because) there have been some interesting and disturbing trends that probe the intersection of women, work, equality and the everyday sexism that is driving women to find solace in unhealthy ways. We highly recommend this read on Vox on the depressing reasons many women drink today.  So in the interest of diversity of reading material and to balance our own views on health and wellness we are suggesting Ann’s book Drink for consideration. 

“That mysterious terrain of the soul drives the narrative trajectory in Ann Dowsett Johnston’s Drink. Her approach is not strictly reporting, nor is it a full-blown memoir. Rather, she creates a hybrid of the two, weaving back and forth between research and raw confessions as she untangles the messy realities behind women’s rising rate of alcohol abuse. A past editor of Maclean’s magazine in Canada and former vice principal at McGill University, Johnston makes awful sense of it all. ‘We live in an alcogenic culture,’ she writes, ‘where risky drinking has been normalized.’ Increasingly, it is women who are suffering the consequences.” The Washington Post

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