#MakeupHacks: A Beginner’s Guide To Applying Translucent Powder

So translucent powder. We keep saying it’s a game changer (touch up anywhere! blurr! mattify!) but um where exactly should you be applying it? We went into depth on why it’s a great product “set” makeup with translucent powder. For instance using it as a last step to keep your look from going anywhere during stressful sweaty situations like say big presentations, overheated commutes in the subway, or dealing with jerks giving you side eye when your infant dares to act like a kid in public. The usual.  But what if you aren’t a “set” your face kind of woman merely one with a little bit of oil and shine? Is translucent powder something you need? If you have an oily T-Zone the answer is yes keep it hand.  Swipe it across your brow, down your nose and onto your chin. Those tend to be the oily areas for most women with oily or combination skin. Sometimes even women with dry skin will shine in the T-Zone. Oh and if you are ever called upon to be on television swipe as this chart shows and you will be fine.

trans-chart (1)

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