#MakeupHacks: How To Apply Bronzer For Beginners

Bronzers can seem intimidating. No one wants to look orange and we’ve all seen the over the top contouring that populates women’s websites and pinterest with it’s intense 20 minute blending requirements. But a nice matte bronzer can warm up your features and add a warm glow that makes you look almost vacation refreshed levels of alive! We recommend that you apply a light dusting of bronzer to areas where the sun would naturally hit your face and warm it up to a darker tone (if you were out in the sun and say not wearing the SPF we definitely want you to be wearing). That means around and on the top of your  nose, the apples and top of your cheeks and the top of your hairline (particularly on the sides).

Many makeup artists swear by a technique they call the 3 or S technique of application.  What does that mean exactly? Well this chart shows (albeit in an intense way, you can go in with a light hand and experiment) how to dust bronzer on from the top of your hairline, swoop in on the cheeks, and swirl back out to your jawline. Looked at from the side it looks a bit like a 3 or an S.


bronze-chart (1)

One thing that is important to remember is bronzing is different than contouring! When bronzing you are adding warmth. When you’re contouring you’re adding depth or dimension by “pushing” features back (say the hollows of your cheeks) or adding shadows to make features look smaller or slimmer which is why in this chart we show that you can slim your nose by applying bronzer to the edges. Popular areas for contouring include the jawline, the tip and sides of your nose maybe and even your hairline. It is generally done in combination with a lighter shade or an illuminator as those push features forward or bring them to the forefront. Our Cream Illuminator can help you achieve an easy contour when highlight the areas you want to bring forward or make more prominent like your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bone, your cupid’s bow and the center of your forehead and chin.

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