#MakeupHacks: How To Use A Highlighter

First, don’t panic. We titled this post how to use a highlighter when we call ours a cream “illuminator” instead.  Why? Because it is just a little less scary than most of the highlighters on the market. And offense to highlighters, but the term  makes us think of tiger striped hair from high school, yellow marker pens and women who have enough time to not only contour their faces everyday but do the inversion of that hot makeup trend and “strobe” instead. Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of that means. It’s not important. What is important is making you feel beautiful.

We know you want glowing luminous skin and have features that you would like to highlight because you are proud of them. That’s right, we said it, you have features you are proud of and want to shine a light on their beauty. That is what our cream illuminator is designed to do. Our cream illuminator will help brings forward  your favorite features by giving them a subtle glow. It is luminance anyone can apply.highlight-chart (1)

This easy to wear cream formula has some seriously hardworking ingredients so you don’t need to do any of the work (or even think too much about it). The ultra-fine powder in the cream adjusts to your skin’s natural undertones thanks to a photo-luminescent diamond core (seriously) which means it looks good on anyone.  Its soft-focus light reflecting properties help brighten appearance, add luminosity, and even complexion.

So all you need to do is dab it on areas you want to put the spotlight on and blend it down. Areas many women like to highlight include their cheekbones, underneath their eyes to brighten it (on top or sometimes even below concealer), on your forehead, your cupids bow and even your chin. It looks great on brow bones and inner eyes too. Just remember, highlighting brings things forward so anything you want to emphasize, that’s where you dab on a little highlighter. Ours is buildable so you can go from subtle glow to intense radiance. Your call.


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