#TravelTuesday: Overseas Highway, Florida

We’ve been traveling internationally all summer for #TravelTuesday but for the last dog days of summer we’ve got road trips on the mind. So we are going to talk about some of the great American road trips but we aren’t headed to Yellowstone. We are thinking something a bit different. We want to drive the Overseas Highway system of Southern Florida.


You are starting in the Florida mainland and starting out there to Key Largo isn’t that exciting on Route 1.  But from Key Largo through Islamorada to the terminus of Route 1 in Key West is one of the most beautiful drives in the world incredibly beautiful. It’s a drive over and surrounded by the turquoise sea. There is the infamous 7-mile bridge which is a true marvel of American engineering (remember that helicopter scene from “True Lies” yeah it happened on these highways!).  And you will be following the route blazed by Henry Flagler’s short-lived Florida East Coast Railroad to Key West. The movie “True Lies” has action scenes and a spectacular helicopter/car chase on this highway. It’s been called “the Highway that Goes to Sea,” and the drive like a “magic carpet” ride. The history of it all is pretty interesting too (filled with intrigue). We’ve got a list of suggested things to see on the drive. Just promise us one thing? You will totally consider staying at Jule’s Undersea Lodge. You know you want to.

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