Allure Calls Our New Powder Products Perfect for Midday Touch-ups

AllureLovesStowawayReviewAllure is nicknamed the beauty bible. Why? Because their editors know EVERYTHING. They know what is the best of the best and aren’t easily impressed. So when they wanted to have a first look at our new powders and highlighter we said “where do we sign up to go to the promised land?” And their review made us glow almost as well as our new new bronzers! Just go read it already.

Remember back in June when we blew your mind with the eye-shadow palette that’s small enough to fit in your wallet? Well, Stowaway Cosmetics has just released a set of four face products that are each only two inches wide and small enough to fit in your wallet…perfect for wiping up on-the-go grease or doing a midday makeup touch-up.



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