#Friday Reads: The Head Of The Saint by Socorro Acioli

the-head-of-the-saintInspired by NPR’s round up of great new Brazilian literature just in time for the Rio Olympics our summer of Friday Read’s written by women is a pick is from a brilliant journalist and Phd in literary studies woman Soccoro Acioli and her debut novel The Head of The Saint. According to NPR


Acioli’s U.S. debut, and the story of how it came about is almost as interesting as the story itself. In 2006, Acioli was chosen to participate in a workshop conducted by the most important writer in her life, Gabriel García Márquez. Márquez chose her submission based on the strength of the synopsis — a 14-year-old homeless boy who can hear the private prayers and longings of villagers in a small town in Brazil. It’s an enchanting read that you’ll find difficult to put down.


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