PureWow Says The Busy CEO Carries Stowaway’s Scarlet Lipstick

WhatAFemaleCEOCarriesInHerBagWho doesn’t love a what’s in her bag story? Everyone! And PureWow has a great one right now. We particularly like the bag for the Tireless CEO aka there’s no rest for the weary butt least you’ve answered all of your emails. For now. Why do we love it so much? Well they know what our CEO carries in her bag.


If streamlined is your word of choice, you’ll love this moisturizing little lipstick that takes up barely any space. All the colors are opaque and meant to stand the test of time: Swipe it onto your lips once in the morning for your daytime meetings and then just once more for after-work functions. This little guy is as efficient as you are (post-coffee, of course).


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