Makeup Hacks: Top 10 Items To Stock Your Office Desk For Easy Touch Ups

We know it’s almost impossible for the average women to invest in duplicates of your home makeup essentials at the office to freshen up. Most of us don’t have the cash to pony up for everything twice but we also don’t want to lug glass jars of foundation and sundial sized powder puffs with us either  I mean really, come on, that’s why we invented Stowaway so you can just carry the basics with you, have it be more affordable, and have it be safer. But we digress! Here are the essentials we rely on to look and feel ready at all times at the office


  1. Mirror-This one is a gimme as we all know sometimes you don’t have time to run to the bathroom to check for errant hairs or mascara smudging. Might we suggest just keeping a pot rouge handy at all times?
  2. Breath Freshening Options-We personally go for a brush & floss or those handy tooth pick as dental tool -A 
  3. Q-Tips- You’d be surprised how many little mistakes can be fixed with a q-tip. Like for that tip we gave on how to fix running mascara without futzing the rest of your face up using a Q-Tip. Sometimes we all tear up on a tough day. It’s fine, don’t buy into anyone’s advice on whether we can or can’t cry at the office as women. Unless you are a professional baseball player in which case Tom Hanks says there is no crying in baseball. Though Met’s player Mike Piazza disagrees with the esteemed coach in A League of Their Own. 
  4. Face Wipes– Sometimes you just need to start over with a fresh face. We love Yes To Cucumbers. 
  5. Concealer A pimple can arrive at any time at any age. Enough said.
  6. Eyeshadow Palette– Last minute date? Boss taking out the team to celebrate at a five star restaurant and you rushed out the door this morning? A teeny palette can touch you up quick for nice outtings
  7. Red Lipstick– For all of the reasons above. But mostly for dates. Or just because you feel like showing you are in charge.
  8. Hairbrush & Hair Ties– Men push up their shirtsleeves (well I guess we do too) but women get the satisfaction of pulling back their hair to show they mean business too (if you have long enough hair naturally).
  9. Dry Shampoo– Your hair looked great at home but humidity got it? We get it. Go for the original Pssst
  10. Sunscreen–  You know you are supposed to reapply every couple of hours right?  Um yeah we didn’t do that either that is utWe love Supergoop’s Rosemary Sunscreen SPF 50 Setting Spray with Rosemary. 

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