How To Pick Your Lipstick Color: Scarlet

Love the idea of bold lips but fear reds? worried that something will be too blue? Or what if it is too orange? Oh the panic of choosing a red lipstick. It’s rumoured “can you help me find the perfect red lipstick” is the most ask question at makeup counters across the country.  There is a LOT of information out there and sure if you have the time you can learn that warm tones do well with orange based hues but cool tones tend to do better with bluer shades. And once you get into complexion depth things get even more complicated (like cooler undertone fair women love raspberry tones). We say stop the insanity. There is shade that looks good on everyone. And that is a balanced, works on warm and cool undertones, goes on any complexion perfectly scarlet red. And we’ve developed it.

Because it turns out you can find the perfect red with data! When we formulated our scarlet lipstick we used two sources to help guide us;  the color codes of the best-selling lipstick colors from every single brand on the market and makeup artist’s intuition. Cross referencing sales data plus the knowledge of working in the industry is a winning combination as our scarlet lipstick looks great on everyone.  There we saved you having to click through a 20 page link bait article on a magazine website and an hour at the makeup counter. Feel free to tackle something else with all that spare time you have now.


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